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Enhancing projects with location data

OWL helps deliver safer and more productive projects with geofence technology and an intuitive, user-friendly platform.

How OWL Works

Keep your team safe, track your progress and hit your deadlines — all from one integrated platform.


Quickly plan Zones and routes anywhere, both on-site and off-site. Our platform improves your team’s hazard awareness and reduces the risk of accidents.


Automatically notify workers of important location-based data using positioning technology. Communicate with any user with the integrated messaging service.


Create interactive and up-to-date work schedules for your team with OWL Tasks. Oversee project development, manage assets, and keep tabs on your team.


Generate Reports based on comprehensive data collected by OWL. Reports can be used to benchmark performance and improve safety standards for your team. 

What's your goal today?


The OWL Platform uses geofences and location-based data to ensure that your team are kept out of harm’s way. With the Zone feature, Project Managers can identify on-site hazards and plan safe routes, helping you to create a safe and efficient working environment.


With OWL, Project Managers can oversee important assets, distribute workloads and analyse project performance, all from the comfort of a browser. Our Task feature is capable of producing a detailed and up-to-date work calendar to be shared with your team.


Worksites can be a source of pollution and, if not properly regulated, can cause serious harm to nearby flora and fauna. The OWL Platform can help your site protect the local environment and manage its own emissions. 


Complying with regulatory requirements can often be a time-consuming and demanding process. The OWL Platform can save you time by automating the production of bespoke Reports and recording all registered data on the platform, which can be accessed in the System Event tab.

Simple, Powerful, effective project management

OWL is with you from start to finish

Define your projects on OWL before your project starts. Create work and hazard zones, define alerting rules, and more.
With the Task feature you can assign and manage workloads, prioritise tasks by date, and oversee how your project is progressing.
Use OWL to save time on-site. Automate audits, analyse on-site events and benchmark your project's performance for future analysis.

All-in-One Platform

The OWL technology platform has everything you need to oversee projects, manage assets and keep your team safe.


The OWL Portal is hosted in Microsoft Azure, and enables you to plan and monitor your operations whilst accessing powerful data from your projects.


The OWL App is available for Apple and Android devices, and is free to download. Send alerts to workers, share important attachments and communicate with ease.

Hardware & Devices

OWL Tags are lightweight, high-performance positioning devices that can be used as an alternative to, or in tandem with, the OWL App.

We'd love to show you the platform in action...

See how OWL can empower your projects & teams with location data