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Harness the real power of location data with OWL. Access powerful data-driven reports to gain insight into trends and behaviours within projects, enabling you to make informed decisions to improve performance and keep people safe.

Effortless insight

OWL Reports allow you to analyse past on-site Events, verify important work-related information and carry out internal audits. Reports are a powerful tool that can streamline regulatory processes for every stage of your project.

Use reports to:

Location Player

The OWL Location Player is a feature capable of “replaying” all on-site User movements within any given time period. The Location Player can be used as an aid to the auditing process, utilising precise location-based information to provide the most accurate reporting possible.

With the Location Player, Project Managers can analyse even the most minute details of an on-site incident and take steps to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The Location Player can also generate heatmaps based on user movement, which determines the most commonly travelled routes on your project. This insight can be used to plan a safer worksite with safer protocols.

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