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Worksites can be hectic environments, and it can be easy for things to fall through the cracks. With the OWL Platform, you can work with the confidence that your project’s needs are being met.

Manage workloads

The OWL Platform’s Task feature allows you to log and delegate duties relevant to the worksite, providing your team with a comprehensive work schedule that can be accessed at any time. Tasks can be assigned to an individual, a group, or the entire site.

Tasks can be assigned start and end dates so that workloads can be scheduled in order of priority. The status of a task can be changed at any time, allowing Project Managers to more accurately assess worksite progress.

Tasks View on Mobile

Plan for the future

All onsite activity is logged on the OWL Platform. This data can be utilised in the form of Reports to assess project progress, benchmark future performance and prioritise workflow.

Reports can help you to assess the progress and performance levels of your project by utilising both real-time and historical data. Reports also function as a powerful auditing tool, allowing you to closely analyse any and all on-site events.

There are three kinds of OWL Reports:

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