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Productivity Enhancement

With OWL, Project Managers can oversee project resources and access real time progress updates, leaving more time available for critical project activities. 

Up to the Task

We understand how much time, money and patience is required to properly maintain a worksite. With OWL, you can guarantee that your efforts are being invested in the most efficient way possible.

The OWL Task feature can be used to assign responsibilities quickly and effectively to your team. Tasks can be prioritised by assigning start and due dates, allowing you create an interactive work schedule on the OWL Platform.

Files such as images, specification sheets or work permits can be attached to Tasks, ensuring that your workers always have access to the information they need. Tasks can even be linked to zones, ensuring that work is carried out in the correct location.

With custom fields, you can configure tasks to tackle even the most complex of workloads.

Efficient Reporting

OWL’s robust reporting features allow you to analyse your project’s progress, whether in real time or via historical data. Real time reporting in particular gives Project Managers the means to make project-related decisions when they will have the most impact.

For benchmarking progress or planning for future performance, the dashboard feature can be used to access at-a-glance views of your site or project’s overall performance. You can even compare data across sites or between previous and current projects.

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