Live View

Live View is the homepage of the OWL Portal. Live View provides satellite overlay images of your project, shows you the whereabouts of your workers, and more.

Keep an eye on things

Live View is able to visualise the location any user, vehicle or asset equipped with either an OWL Tag or the OWL smartphone app. Project Managers can use Live View to ensure that users are operating in safe areas, and that tasks are being carried out in the appropriate locations.

The satellite overlay images provided by Live View allow you to quickly assess the status of your project. Live View also provides up-to-date locational information relevant to your worksite, allowing you to anticipate and prepare for hazards and setbacks.

Instant insight

The information provided by Live View can be filtered by zone or user, allowing you to quickly and easily locate specific personnel or equipment. Additionally, all data recorded by Live View is saved in the System Event tab, which can be reviewed and exported in the form of Table Reports.

Project Managers can apply notes to the Live View tab to be made available to the entire site. This feature can be used to outline daily plans for your team, assist with site briefings and aid on-site organisation.

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Using OWL’s monitoring and alerting systems, both site-based workers, and remote lone workers are kept away from harm at all times.


Adaptable and innately flexible, OWL’s approach to management, tracking, and data is crucial to the execution and end result of any team project.


Protect your business while simultaneously benefiting the environment.



Overcoming regulation anxiety with the power of location-based data and automation.

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