The OWL Platform recognises any asset that operates via the OWL Smartphone App or OWL Tags as a User. This can include not only your team, but any vehicle or other asset that requires observation.


Users can either be registered directly on the OWL Platform or imported from existing HR systems.

Users can be grouped together by team or department. Users can also be assigned custom colours and icons so they can be easily identified on the Live View tab.

Users can have relevant training and competencies logged on their site profile with the use of custom fields. This allows Project Managers to configure zones to only allow users with the required qualifications to enter work areas.

Custom fields can be set as:

Action Rules

Users can be assigned individual rules regarding how they are supervised onsite. This could mean that a given user is only monitored by the OWL Platform at a certain time of day, or only while they are in a specific zone.

Users can also be assigned safety alerts to inform management of:

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Using OWL’s monitoring and alerting systems, both site-based workers, and remote lone workers are kept away from harm at all times.


Adaptable and innately flexible, OWL’s approach to management, tracking, and data is crucial to the execution and end result of any team project.


Protect your business while simultaneously benefiting the environment.



Overcoming regulation anxiety with the power of location-based data and automation.

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