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Use the OWL Platform to drive your road and highway-related projects forward.

Through just one platform Project Managers can supervise both team and plant, plan and assess project performance, and more.   

Increasing hazard awareness

Working on the road is a high-risk activity, and for linear sites such as roads it can be difficult to effectively manage the interactions of both your people and plant. 

OWL not only enables you to supervise mobile assets in relation to your team, but can also be used to create safer project environments that encourage situational awareness:

Improving productivity

Road workers provide an essential service, one that the UK could not reliably function without. Mistakes do not have to happen often to have a detrimental effect on road accessibility, profit, and public support.

Use OWL to keep projects productive:

Meeting regulatory requirements

Regulatory compliance is vital both for road workers and the citizens who use them. A lack of time or resources within a project might mean that these regulations are neglected.

OWL reduces this risk by providing you with automatically-generated reports based on data collected at the worksite. This can eliminate much of the labour involved in regulatory processes, and equips you with invaluable insight to run your project safely and effectively.

Use OWL to: 

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