The OWL Platform provides a range of Reports that summarise all recorded on-site activity.

Reports can be used to streamline the auditing process, plan for future performance, and more.

Data-driven insight

Reports provide a summary of events that have occurred on a site or zone. 

The OWL Platform provides several distinct reporting features:


A Dashboard is a graphic interface that provides at-a-glance views of your project’s key performance indicators.

Dashboards provide a visual and customisable overview of all recorded events in a given area.

Table Reports

Table Reports present a detailed and filterable breakdown of events. Tables allow you to analyse and better understand events that take place onsite.

Table reports can be exported as CSV files for quick and easy off-platform sharing.

Location Player

The OWL Location Player is a visual audit that can record and replay the movements of any on-site user. Should an incident arise in the workplace, the Location Player can be used to conduct thorough analysis as to how and why the event took place.

The Location Player can also generate a heatmap of user activity and identify the most travelled routes onsite. This insight can be used to evaluate and adjust the layout of your site to create a safer and more efficient work environment for your whole team.

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Using OWL’s monitoring and alerting systems, both site-based workers, and remote lone workers are kept away from harm at all times.


Adaptable and innately flexible, OWL’s approach to management, tracking, and data is crucial to the execution and end result of any team project.


Protect your business while simultaneously benefiting the environment.



Overcoming regulation anxiety with the power of location-based data and automation.

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