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Project planning is a vital process, but can be laborious and time-consuming. With OWL, you can define your worksite even before your project is due to begin, allowing for a more optimised and efficient work process from start to finish.

Plan site Zones

The Zone feature allows Project Managers to identify and label different areas on the worksite. Zones can be used to organise workflow, identify hazardous areas and improve safety awareness across the entire site.

With Zones you can:

Alert Users

Authorised Users can configure Alerts to be sent to workers. Alerts are triggered based on the behaviour of workers and plant that has been equipped with an OWL Tag.

Alerts can be used to notify users of nearby hazards, carry out wellness checks and can instantly cascade important information to your team.

Via the OWL App, alerts reach users through one or more of the following.

Workers equipped with OWL Tags can receive proximity alerts too; Tags can emit an audible “siren” and/or vibrate to alert workers close to a hazardous area.

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