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Safety Improvement

Improve your team’s safety awareness with the OWL Platform.

Locate users and assets in real-time, identify hazards, and more:

Stay aware

We understand that site management demands enormous responsibility, and that your team’s safety is the number one priority – but you can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why OWL does it for you.

Through the OWL Portal, you can monitor entire worksites in real time. The portal’s home page, Live View, provides a historical satellite view of your site and locates the whereabouts of field workers and important assets.

Stay alert

OWL’s alerting functions help to improve your team’s situational awareness and increase safety standards across projects. 

Through the platform, users can configure Alerts that wards workers away from approaching or entering a hazardous zone. Alerts can be customised to manage on-site staff access, control a site’s population density and to further comply with site safety procedures.

In conjunction with OWL Tags, even lone workers can do their job with utmost security. OWL Tags are motion-sensitive, and can immediately send alerts to management if a fall or a lack of movement is detected.

Tags are also equipped with an SOS button to ensure that incidents can be dealt with as soon as they happen.

Stay informed

Accidents don’t have to happen. With OWL’s powerful reporting features, you can access valuable insight as to how your site can be made safer.

OWL’s Dashboard feature visualises all data collected by the platform, allowing you to monitor the frequency of triggered alerts, as well as where and how the alerts occurred.

This information can then be used to identify unwanted behaviours and trends on the project that can then be corrected with targeted interventions and improvements. 

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