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Regulatory Compliance

Learn how you can keep your sites compliant with the OWL Platform.

Keep on top of it

It is vital for any worksite to meet regulatory standards, but it can often be a slow and methodical process. Luckily, OWL can be used as an aid for many regulatory requirements. 

The OWL Platform records all activity on the worksite. This provides users with an exhaustive digital audit trail that, in the event of an incident, can be analysed to better understand why the incident occurred.

Be in the know

With OWL’s Location Player tool, user movements can be “rewound” and replayed for an even higher level of detail. This valuable insight can be used to prove your team’s compliance and, in the event of an incident, to ensure that similar cases do not occur within your project.

Reports can be exported from the platform as a CSV file for effortless off-platform sharing.

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