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With the OWL Platform, you can give your utility-based projects an upgrade. 

Manage teams in real time, streamline regulatory processes and keep project activity far from hazards, all on one user-friendly platform.

Enhancing productivity

Utilities are a public function, which means that companies cannot underperform without risking the loss of their customer base.

The OWL Platform helps teams to improve productivity levels whilst significantly reducing the amount of preventable incidents on-site:

Improving hazard awareness

Every project comes with setbacks. However, unsafe working conditions can directly affect both the wellbeing of your people and your project.

The OWL Platform is dedicated to eliminating all preventable risks for on-site workers. Use OWL to keep you, your team and your project safe and secure:

Meeting regulatory requirements

It is not always easy to keep up with on-site regulations; paperwork can be misplaced, events can be forgotten, or there simply might not be enough time in the day.

For a service as essential as utilities, non-compliance with regulation could mean disaster both for the company and its customer base.

The OWL Platform provides several data-based solutions to streamline regulatory processes:

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