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Keep your rail-related projects on track with the OWL Platform.

Improve your team’s situational awareness, create digital workload schedules and enhance projects with data-driven reports, all from one central platform. 

Improving Safety Standards

The rail industry contends with many hazards, and working on or near train tracks can pose serious risks to health.

The OWL Platform is dedicated to reducing the frequency of preventable incidents by increasing hazard awareness for rail workers.

Use the OWL Platform to improve safety standards across entire projects:

Lone Working

With OWL you can remotely monitor the wellbeing of your people with the ability to trigger an SOS alert, fall detection and lack of movement detection via the App. Lone workers can even be sent Auto Vigilance checks at regular intervals to confirm that they are safe throughout the day.


Possession Management

With OWL, you can use geofences to segment worksites into manageable and identifiable areas. Supervisors can verify that people are working in the correct areas, make sure that safety equipment such as marker boards and possession markers are correctly deployed, and highlight key information such as access points and hazards to field staff.

Oversee Vital Processes

Live location information grants you insights that help to prevent incidents in the field. By implementing geofence rules you can instantly alert users who are approaching hazards such as live rails, non-isolated

Keep your team well informed and aware of on-site events, no matter the time or place.


Maintaining progress is vital to any rail-related project.

With OWL you can transform even the most complex of projects into a visual and easy to understand picture for your field staff with in-built automation:

Meeting Regulations

We know from our team’s many years of railway experience that the rail industry is subject to detailed specification and regulation. It is necessary, but often frustrating and time-consuming, to make sure that your worksite is conforming to industry regulations.

Fortunately, OWL can help. Make use of OWL’s powerful reporting features:

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