Worksites can be challenging environments, and we understand how difficult it can be to keep things going smoothly.

The OWL Tasks feature allows you to remotely organise and delegate workloads as well as monitor the overall progression of your project.


Tasks are easy to create and simply modified. With the use of custom fields, tasks can be personalised to best suit your site’s dynamics.

Tasks can be assigned to users, zones and groups. Relevant users can change the status of a task at any time.

Through the OWL Portal you can: 


Once your tasks have been set up, the OWL Platform will keep a full audit of task activity.

Users can view and analyse task progression in real time with Dashboard feature, which provides an at-a-glance view of your project’s key performance indicators.

Tasks can be supervised on an individual or a team basis, allowing for close analysis of worksite activity.

Keep track of your progress and plan for future performance with Tasks:

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Using OWL’s monitoring and alerting systems, both site-based workers, and remote lone workers are kept away from harm at all times.


Adaptable and innately flexible, OWL’s approach to management, tracking, and data is crucial to the execution and end result of any team project.


Protect your business while simultaneously benefiting the environment.



Overcoming regulation anxiety with the power of location-based data and automation.

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